Traditional Or Virtual Office Space For Your Business?

There are different types of office space for rent Clifton Park NY available for your business to lease and here we look at two of the available options.

There is a huge contrast in styles between virtual and traditional Clifton Park office leasing but in comparing the two differing types of set up, it is very obvious that both could suit different types of company. In fact, it is even conceivable that both types of rental would suit the same company at different stages of its development. This is quite often the case.

Virtual working consists of having all the same elements of a normal room with all the benefits, but not necessarily in the same physical room. As an example, a virtual environment may provide a receptionist in the package, but there’s every chance that she might work in a different building. He or she would have the ability to deal with calls from enquirers and handle the mail effectively but would not have the need to be actually sitting in the vicinity of the room. This is a very economical way of running the business and in many cases is an excellent and natural progression from working at home.

Your personal assistant in the traditional, physical world becomes your virtual assistant in a contemporary, virtual online reality. This person might carry out their work from from a central reception location or from home, answering the phones, booking appointments and dealing with requests. This is also an extremely efficient and economical way of running the business. An additional and important cost saving aspect of this type of set up is that there is no commuting involved, which is good for the pocket and the environment.

A virtual address could also be just an address in a large building which has been rented. This very possibly could belong to a business based at home and is a great way of presenting a professional, corporate image while the business is still relatively small and at the growing stage. It is also a convenient way to send and receive letters. This will keep the actual address, which very possibly could be a private home address, still private.

It can be seen that both the traditional working environment and the virtual office have their place in the business world. In the early years of the life of a small business, it may make practical use of virtual space for the purpose of projecting an image that is professional. Then later they may consolidate into an actual building. Whichever option you think may be best for your business, look carefully at all the pros and cons, also taking the current economical climate into consideration which may impact your budget and your choice.


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