Vacating The Premises When Renting A House by Atrium Properties

If you plan to vacate the premises when you are renting a house, you must abide by the lease agreement. Most leases require thirty to sixty days’ notice that you are vacating the house. Your lease agreement will also have required time you must live in the house before the lease is expired. If you sign a one-year lease and plan to leave after the year is up, you must give proper notice. This is done in writing as well as verbal. Tell the property owner of your decision and hand him or her a written latter as well.

You will still have to pay the monthly rent and clean the house you are renting to receive your security deposit back. You need to leave the house in the exact shape or better, as it was when you rented it. After you vacate the property, the property owner has thirty to sixty days to return your security deposit or a portion if it with a detailed explanation of what was wrong. If any security deposit monies are withheld, you are entitled to detailed list as to why and what it was for. If you do not receive this, you can take legal action.

Renting Clifton Park office leasing and vacating the premises requires you to turning all keys that are for the house or any other areas of the property. When doing so, you are no longer allowed to enter the house or visit the property. You should also remember to change your address and the utility bills. You should take all garbage and place it in the right area, the property owner or new renters can place it out for pick up. Never leave anything there that the property owner will have to pay to haul away, this will more than likely be ducted from your security deposit.

When vacating the premises of the house you are renting, if the property owner can rent the house out sooner than later, you may receive a prorated amount of rent to pay if you have already vacated the premises. This is always nice because you do not have pay a full month’s rent at two different places. If you are required to prorate the rent, then you can take the monthly payment amount and divide by the number of days in that month. This gives you a daily amount that you times by the number of days you owe rent for on that rental.

You will also need to make sure the utilities are changed into the property owners name or the new tenants will put the utilities in their name. Never take anything for granted, ask questions to find out the right answer for what to do. Then you can give the utility companies your new address so they can send you a final bill. In addition, have the water meter read right away. Sometimes they are a little slow, which might result in a higher bill than expected when it arrives in the mail.

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